Tired of The Same Old Condos? Your Future Awaits

159SW Condos Toronto

Tired of The Same Old Condos? Your Future Awaits

What makes a condo stand out from the army of others? They tower above the city with reflective glass exteriors, standing shoulder to shoulder in Toronto’s dense core. What condo do you shake hands with, get to know, and ultimately make a life changing deal with? It can be hard to know, and even harder to parse through what is real and what is just another uninspired sales pitch.

Alterra is making 159SW+ an easy answer to these complex questions. Located at the very central Sherbourne and Wellesley, 159SW+ will be a living, breathing manifestation of sound urban design philosophy and inclusive community planning. This project isn’t just about building a tower, but building a tower with roots. Alterra believes that building a cookie cutter condo is simply not enough, for it must have a unique symbiotic relationship with it’s community to create a deep, diverse, and lasting life experience for it’s residents.

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Meticulous design principals entail that life and leisure must be an intuitive process for all, with design firm U31 drawing up artful yet scientifically precise interiors. Each of 159SW+’s 286 units is a space that can be moulded to any lifestyle: the quickly in and out career type, the leisurely animal lover, or the loving family unit. It’s about making comfort in the fast paced downtown core, comfort through close proximity to transit stops, surroundings of some of the best restaurants and merchants Toronto has to offer, and elite amenities both inside and outside the building.

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159SW+ offers unparalleled fitness facilities with a full running track, as well as a catering kitchen and party room completed by a a stunning wrap around terrace. Alterra has planned down to the minutia, including a bike repair station to promote sustainable transport.

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All of these ideas make 159SW+ more than just an elevator between the sidewalk and your home, but your very own community. Too often do the legions of condos cracking our sky perpetuate sterility and homogenization, ignoring the fostering of a welcoming community culture, ignoring what makes a house a home.

159SW+ is a place for those who cherish their surroundings, like the expansive Riverdale park, legendary Phoenix Concert hall, or breathtaking University of Toronto campus. It’s for those who want to be at the centre of it all and feel the energy of urban innovation all without compromising comfort.

We all want to keep moving forward, but what about moving up?

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