The Kennedys Condos Scarborough

The Kennedys Condos Scarborough

The Kennedys Condos Toronto

The Kennedys Condos Scarborough – Top GTA Condos

The Kennedys Condos are a brand new development located right by Scarborough’s popular Town Centre in the Kennedy, Shepherd, and 401 area. The Kennedys Condos are everything you could ever want in a condo, with their forward thinking design and luxurious amenities, this is truly an elite condo in Toronto’s development marketplace. Placed right by the 401, the Kennedys Condos are in an up and coming area of one of the worlds most popular cities. This brand new development will feature three stunning residential towers designed by the legendary Page + Steele architects. The Kennedys Condos will feature over 400 square metres of commercial space, a remarkable example of how developer SAMM wants to symbiotically connect the residential and commercial aspects of living. Too often are condos cut off from businesses due to poor urban planning, but not so with The Kennedys Condos.

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The Kennedys Condos is a very short walk away from both GO and TTC transit options, connecting it’s denizens to the vibrant centre of Toronto and the surrounding GTA. In addition to these public transit options, The Kennedys Condos has direct access to Toronto’s main artery, the 401, making travel quick, easy, and instantaneous. The Kennedys Condos will also feature a mid size hotel and several office building, forming it’s own little chunk of urban life in Scarborough just below Shepherd. There is also a planned Shepherd light rail transit system that would be an extremely convenient and uplifting way to travel throughout the city right from The Kneads Condos. The Shepherd area is rife with developmental plans from the city to make it one of the most well connected areas of Toronto, and The Kennedys Condos is right in the centre. For those who like to walk, The Kennedys Condos has a very good “walk score” that is 64 out of 100 and 70 out of 100 transit score. In addition to this, there are several nearby revitalized green spaces in McDairmid Woods Park, West Birkdale Park and Snowhill Park, all right by Kennedy, Shepherd, and the 401.

People often ask what sort of lifestyles a certain condo caters to. Some condos are great for families, some are great for young professionals, but SAMM developments has found this very happy medium and retroactively fitting design philosophy that allows just about anyone to find their lifestyle niche and be happy, comfortable, and successful in The Kennedys Condos. The Kennedys Condos elite amenities will make anyone ecstatic to have access to state of the art fitness facilities or impressive part room. The Kennedys Condos wants to be more than just your house, it wants to be your home. That’s why SAMM has made sure that any and all luxuries have been included to ensure maximum comfort. With the massive commercial space below, it really feels like living in a contained little community, where the neighbourhood grocer or tailor is just a stroll away, all in the area of Kennedy, Shepherd, and the 401.

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All this interior talk wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the stunning exteriors that overlooks the Shepherd area and the 401. As one can see from the artist renderings, there is a breezy cyclical nature to the design of The Kennedys Condos, highlighted by shimmering windows and regal white accents. It’s California living a few thousand miles away, right at The Kennedys Condos. Right at Kennedy, Shepherd, and the 401.

Located in Toronto, The Kennedys Condos find themselves in one of the most vibrant and electric cities in the world. Toronto is often referred to as one of the most multicultural cities in the world, if not the most. Scarborough is home to a wide array of different cultures that make a rich of tapestry all along Sherborne and the 401. In Toronto there are world class restaurants, amazing landmarks, and enough fun to last a lifetime. Destinations like the Toronto Island, a place to swim, relax, run, paint, is just one of the many unique locations that you can take the whole family to. One could spend hours getting lost in the endless amount of exciting neighbourhoods that inhabit all areas of the city, or even just around Kennedy, Shepherd, and the 401. Get lost in cultural cuisine and fashion, skipping from block as if you were crossing country borders. Toronto also has world class athletic entertainment, with an NBA, NHL, MLB, and CFL team. Get lost in the fandom that has put Toronto on the map of some of the best sports cities in the world, and do it all from Kennedy, Shepherd, and the 401.

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Here at we want to act as your liaison between the elite developers of the city. We are a team of qualified professionals with years of combined experience in Toronto’s booming condo market. Our goal is to provide you with sound expert advice to ensure that you make the best possible decision concerning your future. There are a lot of tough decisions that need to be made when choosing a condo, and we want to make sure that you get all answers and are given all possible routes to success. We understand that everyone’s needs are different, so we tailor our service to each client specifically. We also only feature what we know are elite pre-development condos in Toronto and the Scarborough area, and the Kennedys Condos is one of the elite opportunities. We will never feature sub par or risky condo investment opportunities because we believe in the integrity of our business. We have experts in a wide array of real estate related fields that work with each other to make sure that no stone goes unturned. In an increasingly complex real estate market, it is important to have professional help to aid you in your search. We believe that The Kennedys Condos at Shepherd is a perfect example of what takes a condo from average to exceptional. The Kennedys Condos has all the facets of what makes a unique and successful living experience.

Not only are The Kennedys Condos a great place to live, but they are also a great investment. Pre development condos are some of the best bang for your buck you can get in the real estate world, with prices often far below what they are worth in the future. Nestled in the Kennedy/Shepherd/401 area, The Kennedys Condos are a safe investment for home owners and real estate investors alike.

We are all familiar with the names Kennedy, Shepherd, and 401, but few are acquainted with the neighbourhood. For the past few decades thousands have flocked to this newly bustling area with great schools and commercial options. The Toronto District School Board is one of Canada’s best school systems, consistently praised by students and parents alike. Thus, families will feel comfortable choosing The Kennedys Condos and the town of Scarborough as their home for the foreseeable future. In between work and school, one could grab some famous bubble tea at the Scarborough Town Centre, or head out on the 401 to go to Toronto’s famous Science Centre or Royal Ontario Museum.

In the heart of Scarborough, The Kennedys Condos are truly a once in a lifetime opportunity and wants to make the dream a reality. We want eliminate any anxieties you may have around buying a condo and want to make sure your dollar gets the mileage it deserves. We are logical and scientifically precise when it comes to analyzing the market and will only offer the most sound advice possible, and our advice right now is to consider the stellar Kennedys Condos in Scarborough.

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