Sonic Condos Toronto

Sonic Condos Toronto

Sonic Condos Toronto

Sonic Condos Toronto – New Don Mills Condominiums

Right at Eglinton and Don Mills, Lindvest developers are putting together a spectacular project. Directly by public transit, the new Toronto Sonic Condos will prove to be an elite building across Toronto’s competitive condo landscape. Sonic Condos is a 28 story project that will feature 320 suites designed by renowned architectural firm Page + Steele IBI group with the interior by Union31. In addition to it’s exquisite design, Sonic Condos will also feature a plethora of luxurious amenities including yoga and fitness facilities, steam rooms, hobby rooms, music rooms, party rooms, a concierge, pet spa and a guest suite. Outdoor amenities in Sonic Condos include dining areas, cabanas and barbecues for summer entertaining. Lindvest want to make sure that all the bases were covered for their residents by exploring all possible laneways to ensure comfort and high quality of life in Sonic Condos. In today’s increasingly saturated condo market, many developers are being forced to offer amenities that are only available in extremely expensive residencies, but Sonic Condos offers this tradition of luxury in an affordable package at a great price in Toronto.

sonic condos toronto

Starting at $210,900, Sonic Condos is a truly amazing price for what Lindvest is offering, especially considering the fantastic area that the new Sonic Condos are located in. Right at Eglinton and Don Mills, Sonic Condos will reap all the benefits of the planned Eglinton light rail transit project, which will connect residents to quick and reliable transportation all over the city from Sonic Condos. The adjacent Don Valley Parkway also offers convenient vehicle transportation directly to the downtown in a matter of minutes. Contrary to the popular belief that condos outside of the immediate downtown core, Sonic Condos has a walkability score of 75 percent, meaning that the vast majority of errands and day to day tasks can be completed within a short walking distance. In the area there are a great amount of businesses that cater to the average person — just across the street there is a sizeable grocery store. The popular Shops at Don Mills are just a short walk away as well, with a stunning amount of commercial options for food, goods, and services for the residents of Sonic Condos. The Shops at Don Mills have become one of the premier shopping destinations in the city, as it adopts the popular arcade styles of American shopping.

Culturally, the area is no slouch either. Home to the tremendous Aga Khan museum and Ismaili Cultural Centre, there is a wealth of rich cultural experiences to be had in and around Sonic Condos. Evidently, areas just outside of the downtown core are experiencing an amazing renaissance in liveability and cultural richness. No longer are these areas home to strip malls and cookie cutter houses, but rather architecturally diverse and utility varied projects and businesses that breath life into the city. The Don Mills and Eglinton area is starting to really feel like it’s own autonomous community complete with it’s own history and traditions, and once it is connected to Eglinton station via the LRT, this phenomenon will only double around the new Sonic Condos. Also nearby the new Sonic Condos is The Ontario Science Centre, a must see museum and interactive education zone in the city. Children and adults alike can spends days learning and experiencing the wonders of modern science, as well as learn first hand from Canada’s leading scientists.

Sonic Condos is taking advantage of the relatively unknown nature of the Eglinton/Don Mills area, even though it rivals some of Toronto’s most sought after neighbourhoods. This way, Lindvest can offer extremely competitive prices, making Sonic Condos a truly unmissable opportunity. With Toronto’s increasingly competitive real estate market place, Sonic Condos is a rare gem in the rough, and an all around amazing investment opportunity. The great thing about pre development condos, specifically the new Sonic Condos, is that they carry tremendous value. By being one of the first people to purchase a unit, you are securing yourself a piece of real estate that is extremely likely to accrue value at a fraction of the price you wold pay if you bought post construction. Many people around Toronto are of the impression that pre development condos are a risky adventure, but wants to assure you that this is simply not the case, especially for a project like Sonic Condos. is all about offering the best possible advice when it comes to you choosing your building. We have industry experts backed by decades of experience considering every angle of your large decision. We leave no stone unturned when we act as your intermediary between the developer and you, ensuring that you can get the best possible mileage for your dollar. Our clients are consistently pleased with our work years after they sign their deal, with long term happiness being our main goal. We do not endorse projects lightly, and we truly believe Sonic Condos to be an elite opportunity for both new and seasoned home owners, all capped off by their amazing price. So often you hear of prices tipping north on a million dollars, but not these prices at Sonic Condos, as stated before, Lindvest is taking advantage of a truly up and coming community that people are just starting to flock to. wants to encourage you to be an early adopter and invest in this beautiful building by Lindvest.

For residents coming form outside the city, we can assure you that Toronto is a world class city that features an unbeatable lifestyle in a country that the world sets as it’s standard. Toronto is a wonderful tapestry of multiculturalism that is an intensely welcoming and inclusive atmosphere. The area of Don Mills and Eglinton is no different, and is likely to become a Toronto hub with the new LRT system. Sonic Condos has all the elements of a great condo: stunning exterior and interior design, great location, fair and competitive pricing, luxurious amenities, and a great city in Toronto. Lindvest has done a great job by placing the new key mark Sonic Condos in the Don Mills and Eglinton area. is proud to act as your guiding light in the confusing world of real estate deals, we will with tooth and nail to make sure you are as comfortable as you can possibly be with your decision, as we refrain from pressuring sales techniques and focus on giving you sound advice that we would follow ourselves. We are very much about giving people an honest and worthwhile business experience, as we believe that word of mouth is one of the most important aspects of business in real estate. It is in our best interest to make sure that your experience is of the utmost quality.

3 Ways To Avoid Real Estate Market Traps in 2016

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3 Ways To Avoid Real Estate Market Traps in 2016

1. Avoid Hype

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In the world of pre-development condos, lots of firms will try to sell to customers using large flashy ads with over-promising artist renders. Keep in mind that is just what they are, an artist’s interpretation of what it will look like. Many are depicted with lush surroundings of trees and green space or dense commercial space below it, when that could simply not be the case. Look at floor plans and past developer projects for a better idea of what to expect with your new condo.

2. Do Research

A lot of what makes a condo great is the area it is in, so make sure to investigate that its distance to things like local businesses, transit, and the like are suitable to your preferences. Additionally, things like “walk score” are algorithms that quantify aspects of livability in the neighbourhood. It’s important to look beyond the information provided on the developer website and investigate tertiary sources. Our website also has a wealth of information that is constantly being updated to make sure that our building information is accurate and enlightening.

3. Consult A Trustworthy Market Expert


Asking advice from market experts is the easiest and most surefire way to ensure that you have accurate and worthwhile information when choosing a new condo. is just a gateway to the years of experience our experts have cultivated over their long histories of dealing with condos in Toronto. There are so many variables and questions that only experts know how to gauge and analyze. Many potential buyers around the city are confused by the current highs of the market and are concerned what the future holds for property value, these are reasonable concerns, but we are very well versed in market tendencies and want to make sure that you get the most bang for your buck, so we will only recommend projects that we believe are the best in the city and the best for you personally. There are still very safe ways to invest in property throughout all areas of the city.