17 gorgeous tree houses

17 gorgeous tree houses

You don’t have to be a child to appreciate the wooded beauty of these forested homes.

(full credit: BuzzBuzzHome , written by: Michael Aynsley)

tree housePhoto: imgur

The builders forgot the rope ladder, but otherwise it’s a flawless design.

tree house-12King-of-the-Frogs-05Photos: imgurhomedsgn

A 92-square-foot tree house with a 100-square-foot terrace in the backyard of a house in Münster, Germany. More info here.

tree housesPhoto: imgur

The Teahouse Tetsu in Yamanashi, Japan was designed by architect Terunobu Fujimori.

tree house-3Photo: imgur

At three stories, Revelstoke’s Enchanted Forest tree house is the tallest of its kind in British Columbia.

tree house-6Photo: imgur

Bonus points for the spiral staircase and rooftop patio.

tree house-16loft tree housePhoto: imgur

A loft-style cabin on stilts.

1280-treehoues-high-res-8redwood-treehouse-2-gear-patrolPhotos: Pacific Environments Architects

This restaurant tree house is situated 33 feet up a redwood tree in a forest north of Auckland, New Zealand. It was built as part of a marketing stunt for Yellow Pages. “The advertising campaign set out to surprise people and help them see Yellow in a different light,” the designers explainon their website.

treehouse-5treehouse-7Photos: TreeHouse Point

Designed and built by Pete Nelson, the above is one of 11 unique tree houses that make up TreeHouse Point, a vacation getaway 22 miles outside Seattle.

treehouse-11Photo: imgur

This is not so much a tree house as it is a regular house built around a tree. A design concept we’ve seen and applauded before.

tree house-14Photo: HemLoft

“The HemLoft is a self-funded secret creation that I built on crown land in Whistler, Canada,” the builder explains on his website. Of course, because the structure is on government-owned land, its fate is up in the air.

treehouse-4treehouse-12treehouse-13Photos: four-o-nine

Designed by Lukasz Kos, 4Treehouse is constructed around four trees near Lake Muskoka in Ontario. “At night the tree house takes on a cocoon like quality when the lit skin transforms the surface into a lantern suspended from the forest,” the project website explains.

tree house-8Photo: CostaRiceTreeHouse.com

Built in and around a Sangrillo tree in Costa Rica, this tree house hotel is located on a 10-acre oceanfront property on the famous Punta Uva beach.

Chrystal River TreehouseChrystal River Treehouse

Photos: ModenusGreen Line Architects

Colorado’s Crystal River Tree House was designed and built by Green Line Architects’ resident tree house expert David Rasmussen.

tree house-13Photo: imgur

According to the Reddit community, this foliage-capped tree house is located in India.

tree house-17Photo: Kent Cottage Holiday

A look at the Tree House Hideaway at Kent Cottage Holiday in the UK. Nightly rates start from $260 USD.

tree house-18treehouse-9treehouse-10Photos: Airbnb

A set of three tree houses connected by a rope bridge in Atlanta, Georgia. The romantic fort is available for on Airbnb for $319 a night.

treehouse-1treehouse-14treehouse-2Photos: Pinterest

A home design your inner child and outward adult can agree on.