3 Ways To Avoid Real Estate Market Traps in 2016

3 Ways To Avoid Real Estate Market Traps in 2016

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3 Ways To Avoid Real Estate Market Traps in 2016

1. Avoid Hype

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In the world of pre-development condos, lots of firms will try to sell to customers using large flashy ads with over-promising artist renders. Keep in mind that is just what they are, an artist’s interpretation of what it will look like. Many are depicted with lush surroundings of trees and green space or dense commercial space below it, when that could simply not be the case. Look at floor plans and past developer projects for a better idea of what to expect with your new condo.

2. Do Research

A lot of what makes a condo great is the area it is in, so make sure to investigate that its distance to things like local businesses, transit, and the like are suitable to your preferences. Additionally, things like “walk score” are algorithms that quantify aspects of livability in the neighbourhood. It’s important to look beyond the information provided on the developer website and investigate tertiary sources. Our website also has a wealth of information that is constantly being updated to make sure that our building information is accurate and enlightening.

3. Consult A Trustworthy Market Expert


Asking advice from market experts is the easiest and most surefire way to ensure that you have accurate and worthwhile information when choosing a new condo. Condoandloft.ca is just a gateway to the years of experience our experts have cultivated over their long histories of dealing with condos in Toronto. There are so many variables and questions that only experts know how to gauge and analyze. Many potential buyers around the city are confused by the current highs of the market and are concerned what the future holds for property value, these are reasonable concerns, but we are very well versed in market tendencies and want to make sure that you get the most bang for your buck, so we will only recommend projects that we believe are the best in the city and the best for you personally. There are still very safe ways to invest in property throughout all areas of the city.