3310 Kingston Road, Scarborough

  • Opal Urban Towns
  • Opal Urban Towns

$296,900 & Up






Opal Urban Towns are New High-demand Townhomes near the Beach


It’s rare that an opportunity opens up in Toronto to buy a new house near the beach, but that is exactly what Opal Urban Towns offers its investors. Developed by the reputable developer Times, this planned community is the hottest investment opportunity in the Scarborough market. Local experts are projecting that the entire community will sell out before the homes are offered to the public.

The early bird pricing is phenomenal starting at $296,900 which is unheard of for a quality home in the area. With the GO Station and TTC line right nearby Opal Towns, you have easy access to Toronto. Centennial College and University of Toronto Scarborough campus are right nearby making Opal homes always in high demand. By the time the project is finished the value of the homes will be valued significantly higher.

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OPAL Urban Towns

OPAL Urban Towns

OPAL Urban Towns

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