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Castlepoint Numa’s New Condominiums in Toronto: Museum FLTS Condos

Museum FLTS Condominiums by Castlepoint Numa is Toronto’s new 10 story development that is looking to become an icon in the area. These condos, with unique layouts and high-end construction, have beautiful architecture in a prime location. If you are looking for quality housing in Toronto, your search is over.

It’s location, on 158 Sterling Road, is right near the heart of the city on the GO train line allowing for easy transportation across the Greater Toronto Area. With a Loblaws and LCBO within close walking distance as well as Lansdowne station and High Park, Museum FLTS is in the perfect location. Being on Sterling Street gives Museum FLTS the opportunity to create its own local culture without the constant bustle of the busy road.

Investors in Toronto have projected that Museum FLTS is one of 2016’s major real estate investment opportunities as its affordable price point is unmatched by anything of quality in the area. Each condo’s value is estimated to significantly increase by the time the project is completed and the entire project is looking to be sold out long before the building construction is finished.

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