Clover on Yonge – Condos for Sale

Clover on Yonge Toronto Condos for Sale


Clover on Yonge is a new development from Cresford Development Corporation. Featuring innovative construction and modern interior design, this breathtaking new structure will quickly become a landmark in downtown Toronto. When you are searching for a new place to live, Clover on Yonge as a variety of features and attractions to consider. Learn more about Clover on Yonge Toronto Luxury Condos for Sale.


These new condos for rent in Toronto are part of a development project from Cresford Development Corporation. The finished building, named Clover on Yonge, will include 44 stories with 600 suites. New Toronto condo prices will start in the low $200,000’s, offering a range of prices that will attract a variety of residents – from young professionals to families wanting quick access to downtown Toronto.


Downtown Luxury Toronto Condominiums


Cresford has released their designs for this new development and the 44 story building features a clean design, with an emphasis on balconies and outdoor space. As soon as these condos for rent in Toronto become available, they will likely go quickly. The completed development will take up an entire city block – between Gloucester and Dundonald.


This is Cresford’s sixth condominium development in the immediate area. If the past success of their projects in any indication of how quickly these units will be sold, you will need to register for more information as soon as possible.


Why Should You Consider Condos On Yonge?


Why buy at Clover Condos? There is a multitude of reasons to consider these Toronto condos for your new home. Investing in Clover Condos is a great idea. Clover on Yonge features a great location and innovative design, making it a highly sought after development in a competitive rental market. Take an in-depth look at the reason why you should buy at Clover Condos.


New Toronto Condos with a Great Location


There is a growing trend in making communities more walkable – ensuring residents are within walking distance of all the features, shopping, and amenities that they need. This is a major focus of Clover on Yonge. Residents will have easy access to Yorkville, Queens Par, College Park, and other nearby attractions. It is also conveniently located near the Wellesley Subway Station, allowing residents of these Toronto condos to get anywhere in downtown Toronto quickly.


Location is always a big factor when deciding where to live. If you want to live in the heart of downtown Toronto with easy access to anywhere in the city, then you will love Clover on Yonge.


Clover on Yonge Toronto Condos Will Appreciate in Value


When considering Toronto condos for sale, the predicted appreciation of the real estate is important. These condos are going to be purchased quickly and residents will enjoy a high appreciation value, as the demand for available units will increase.


Innovative Design of these Condos in Toronto


The developer is responsible for the development of a variety of other forward-thinking Toronto condos. They have years of experience building groundbreaking residential living spaces with a modern design. Cresford Development Corporation currently has 8 different projects in the works, including Clover on Yonge.


They focus on creating communities, instead of simply putting up a building. This attention to location can be seen in many of their past developments. In addition to the luxury Toronto condos that Cresford is currently developing, they have over two dozen past projects with luxury condos for sale that are currently available.


This includes Lofts 399 Adelaide with 173 units – completed in 2013. Other recently completed projects include the Windemere NXT II and the Windemere NXT. For a complete listing of past Toronto luxury condos developed by Cresford, take a look at their full list of Toronto condominium communities.


Cresford has completed other projects in the same area as Clover on Yonge, as discussed, including 6 other luxury Toronto condominiums. This includes the CASA Condos – CASA 2 Condos, CASA 3 Condos, and Vox Condos. Vox Condos sold incredibly quickly, with the entire range of suites being sold in just two days!


Cresford is known for their commitment to the community, as well as their connections with high end fashion labels. With the design of CASA 3 Condos, Cresford teamed with leading fashion labels for the design of their gorgeous lobby. A similar partnership is planned for Clover on Yonge, with Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry. Van Cleef & Arpels are famous for their clover jewelry – leading to the name Clover on Yonge.


Pre-Construction Luxury Toronto Condos


Clover on Yonge from developer Cresford is just the latest in a range of high-end, luxury Toronto condos for sale. Why buy luxury Toronto condos? The location is a major reason. You will have no problem getting to the subway and Clover on Yonge is located within walking distance to a variety of shopping areas and commercial districts. Everything that you could need is nearby.


Other reasons include the experience of the developer – with Cresford being responsible for the design and construction of a couple dozen other quality Toronto condos. In the past, these condos have sold out very quickly, which means you should act fast to reserve your space, as the project is expected to launch this fall.


Get More Details about Clover on Yonge Today


The Clover on Yonge Toronto condominiums are the latest development from Cresford and are sure to be in high demand. Why buy at Clover condos? The reasons are endless – convenient access to nearby parks, shopping, and entertainment, as well as easy access to the subway. Clover on Yonge is being developed in the heart of downtown Toronto and will definitely be a great investment for anyone looking for new real estate.


As mentioned, these condos for rent in Toronto are going to be sold quickly. If you want to be at the top of the list, then you will need to register for more details. Clover on Yonge features close access to the subway and is located near great shopping districts, parks, and other attractions. The prices for these luxury condos Toronto are relatively low, starting in the low $200,000’s. Register for more details about Clover on Yonge today!