Sonic Condos Toronto

Sonic Condos Toronto

Sonic Condos Toronto

Sonic Condos Toronto – New Don Mills Condominiums

Right at Eglinton and Don Mills, Lindvest developers are putting together a spectacular project. Directly by public transit, the new Toronto Sonic Condos will prove to be an elite building across Toronto’s competitive condo landscape. Sonic Condos is a 28 story project that will feature 320 suites designed by renowned architectural firm Page + Steele IBI group with the interior by Union31. In addition to it’s exquisite design, Sonic Condos will also feature a plethora of luxurious amenities including yoga and fitness facilities, steam rooms, hobby rooms, music rooms, party rooms, a concierge, pet spa and a guest suite. Outdoor amenities in Sonic Condos include dining areas, cabanas and barbecues for summer entertaining. Lindvest want to make sure that all the bases were covered for their residents by exploring all possible laneways to ensure comfort and high quality of life in Sonic Condos. In today’s increasingly saturated condo market, many developers are being forced to offer amenities that are only available in extremely expensive residencies, but Sonic Condos offers this tradition of luxury in an affordable package at a great price in Toronto.

sonic condos toronto

Starting at $210,900, Sonic Condos is a truly amazing price for what Lindvest is offering, especially considering the fantastic area that the new Sonic Condos are located in. Right at Eglinton and Don Mills, Sonic Condos will reap all the benefits of the planned Eglinton light rail transit project, which will connect residents to quick and reliable transportation all over the city from Sonic Condos. The adjacent Don Valley Parkway also offers convenient vehicle transportation directly to the downtown in a matter of minutes. Contrary to the popular belief that condos outside of the immediate downtown core, Sonic Condos has a walkability score of 75 percent, meaning that the vast majority of errands and day to day tasks can be completed within a short walking distance. In the area there are a great amount of businesses that cater to the average person — just across the street there is a sizeable grocery store. The popular Shops at Don Mills are just a short walk away as well, with a stunning amount of commercial options for food, goods, and services for the residents of Sonic Condos. The Shops at Don Mills have become one of the premier shopping destinations in the city, as it adopts the popular arcade styles of American shopping.

Culturally, the area is no slouch either. Home to the tremendous Aga Khan museum and Ismaili Cultural Centre, there is a wealth of rich cultural experiences to be had in and around Sonic Condos. Evidently, areas just outside of the downtown core are experiencing an amazing renaissance in liveability and cultural richness. No longer are these areas home to strip malls and cookie cutter houses, but rather architecturally diverse and utility varied projects and businesses that breath life into the city. The Don Mills and Eglinton area is starting to really feel like it’s own autonomous community complete with it’s own history and traditions, and once it is connected to Eglinton station via the LRT, this phenomenon will only double around the new Sonic Condos. Also nearby the new Sonic Condos is The Ontario Science Centre, a must see museum and interactive education zone in the city. Children and adults alike can spends days learning and experiencing the wonders of modern science, as well as learn first hand from Canada’s leading scientists.

Sonic Condos is taking advantage of the relatively unknown nature of the Eglinton/Don Mills area, even though it rivals some of Toronto’s most sought after neighbourhoods. This way, Lindvest can offer extremely competitive prices, making Sonic Condos a truly unmissable opportunity. With Toronto’s increasingly competitive real estate market place, Sonic Condos is a rare gem in the rough, and an all around amazing investment opportunity. The great thing about pre development condos, specifically the new Sonic Condos, is that they carry tremendous value. By being one of the first people to purchase a unit, you are securing yourself a piece of real estate that is extremely likely to accrue value at a fraction of the price you wold pay if you bought post construction. Many people around Toronto are of the impression that pre development condos are a risky adventure, but wants to assure you that this is simply not the case, especially for a project like Sonic Condos. is all about offering the best possible advice when it comes to you choosing your building. We have industry experts backed by decades of experience considering every angle of your large decision. We leave no stone unturned when we act as your intermediary between the developer and you, ensuring that you can get the best possible mileage for your dollar. Our clients are consistently pleased with our work years after they sign their deal, with long term happiness being our main goal. We do not endorse projects lightly, and we truly believe Sonic Condos to be an elite opportunity for both new and seasoned home owners, all capped off by their amazing price. So often you hear of prices tipping north on a million dollars, but not these prices at Sonic Condos, as stated before, Lindvest is taking advantage of a truly up and coming community that people are just starting to flock to. wants to encourage you to be an early adopter and invest in this beautiful building by Lindvest.

For residents coming form outside the city, we can assure you that Toronto is a world class city that features an unbeatable lifestyle in a country that the world sets as it’s standard. Toronto is a wonderful tapestry of multiculturalism that is an intensely welcoming and inclusive atmosphere. The area of Don Mills and Eglinton is no different, and is likely to become a Toronto hub with the new LRT system. Sonic Condos has all the elements of a great condo: stunning exterior and interior design, great location, fair and competitive pricing, luxurious amenities, and a great city in Toronto. Lindvest has done a great job by placing the new key mark Sonic Condos in the Don Mills and Eglinton area. is proud to act as your guiding light in the confusing world of real estate deals, we will with tooth and nail to make sure you are as comfortable as you can possibly be with your decision, as we refrain from pressuring sales techniques and focus on giving you sound advice that we would follow ourselves. We are very much about giving people an honest and worthwhile business experience, as we believe that word of mouth is one of the most important aspects of business in real estate. It is in our best interest to make sure that your experience is of the utmost quality.

Distinction Condos Toronto

Distinction Condos Toronto

Distinction Condos Toronto – New Yonge Street Condominiums

In the Yonge-Eglinton area, Distinction Condos are bringing an entirely new brand of condo to one of Toronto’s most popular areas. Distinction Condos is the brand new project from the renowned LASH developments. Distinction Condos will feature all the luxurious amenities you’ve come to expect from the increasingly Condo market, where developers are pulling out all the stops. At Yonge and Eglinton, LASH developments are no different, with a complete set of amenities that include a library, digital hub, bars, lounges, fitness room, yoga and dance studio, outdoor terrace, presentation kitchen and bar, lounge area, and dining room. Not to mention the fabulous roof top plans that include indoor and outdoor kitchens, lounges, sundecks, and a meditation area. Distinction Condos are an exercise in a complete vision of the modern condo. Residents will be treated to a stunning exterior design that will stand out in Toronto’s skyline. Designed by Giannone Petricone Associates Inc. Architects, the new Distinction Condos is not your run of the mill Toronto condo, but a unique structure that anyone can use as a talking point. The building twists and turns as it acts as a relic of modernity and urban design, complete with sleek white edges and a daring point. Inside, each suite each suite has been meticulously designed with the resident in mind, with streamlined floor plans that incorporate ergonomic living and spacious mindfulness. Distinction Condos is excellence in motion from LASH developments.

distinction, condos, toronto, new, luxury, buy, sell, condominium, real estate

Located in the Yonge and Eglinton area, Distinction Condos finds itself in the heart of one of Toronto’s most sought after neighbourhoods. For the past few years, thousands have been flocking to North Toronto for it’s friendly neighbourhood vibe and unparalleled commercial and social opportunities. Complete with gourmet restaurants, premier shopping spots, and a host of other amenities, the area is simply the best you can get. Right by Distinction Condos is Eglinton subway stop, which connects to the Yonge line and offers quick and convenient transport to anywhere in the city. It’s not often that a subway stop is this close by a condo, but Distinction Condos has this luxury. Distinction Condos will also benefit from the planned light rail transit project that will run along Eglinton. This will be a boon to what is an already bustling area, connecting North Toronto with quick and reliable light rail transit. Many people believe the area to be a perfect hybrid of neighbourhood friendliness and downtown excitement, boasting some of the lowest crime rates in the city, with both families and young people alike flocking for this very reason. Not enough can be said about Yonge and Eglinton, which also has some of the top schools in the city, all the way form kindergarten to high school. Distinction Condos finds itself just east of Yonge, in a little pocket that is tucked away from the business of Yonge Street. LASH developments want to aim for a truly community feel in the building instead of a sterile condo atmosphere. They want people to feel like they are in a robust living space that rivals a lively neighbourhood block — this is where the future is headed, this is what Distinction Condos is all about.

distinction, condos, toronto, new, luxury, buy, sell, condominium, real estate

Starting at $354,990, the brand new Distinction Condos is a fantastic price for what is a fantastic area. You will be hard pressed to find a condo like this for a price like that. Due to it being in it’s pre-development stage, Distinction Condos are currently offering suites for a steal of a price. This is because it’s not built yet, so the current buyers are the early adopters, gaining a fiscal advantage over those that buy later. This also means that Distinction Condos are a great investment at a great price. Real Estate in the city of Toronto is one of the safest routes one can take to make long term money. Many feel that pre-development condos are a risky business because they aren’t built yet, but that actually isn’t the case. The vast majority of projects go on to be successful projects that reap massive benefits for the owner, who paid a low price. Here at we want to make sure that we answer all your questions about the condos you are interested in and the process required to go through with a purchase. We have years of industry backed experience to ensure that you are getting the experts advice you need to weigh every option. There are so many variables to consider when purchasing a condo that go beyond price or building style, developer history for instance is a great indicator on the quality of a building. LASH developments is a reputable builder within Toronto and we believe that this new project is worth our endorsement. Given the area, it is safe to say that Distinction Condos will have no trouble selling it’s units, and being an early adopter of Distinction Condos is a great opportunity price wise.

LASH developments really want to focus on the community aspect of condo living, especially in a family oriented area like this one. Distinction Condos utilizes amazing communal space throughout the building to cultivate a feeling while also maintaining the privacy of it’s residents. This community feel is also aided by the fact that everything you could ever need is just a sort walk from Distinction Condos. Good community planning is entered around creating a hybrid of the residential and the commercial. Too often does one trump the other in favour of cutting costs, but not so at Distinction Condos. LASH developments understands that condo living has changed dramatically from what it was 10 or 20 years ago, it’s about extending excellence beyond the suite and into other aspects of communal living and meticulous urban planning — creating what we now know as Distinction Condos.

As a city, Toronto is simply one of the best in the world. Toronto has a rich cultural history as it is home to so many cultures, one of the many reasons LASH developments chose this city. Each neighbourhood has it’s own distinct feel, and there is so much to explore throughout the city. Years can be spent truly getting to know the atmosphere here, with so much to do and to see. Just limiting yourself to the Yonge and Eglinton area, there are fabulous parks, community centres, sports complexes, pools, educational facilities, all around the new Distinction Condos. The downtown core attracts thousands of tourists a year with it’s unbelievable amount of activity and awe inspiring atmosphere. Each year there are hundreds of festivals and events that rival the world’s biggest cities, and the best is that the new Distinction Condos is a very short subway ride away. You are connected to the very heart of the city for a fraction of downtown prices.

We at would love to talk to you more about this opportunity or any other one that you are interested. We have an amazing support team and oodles of experience. It’s in our best interest to make you the happiest you’ve ever been. Come join our list of satisfied customers and happy investors to transition to the next phase of your real estate life. The new Distinction Condos is definitely an option worth considering.

For VIP Tour access and exclusive project information and detailed floor plans, sign up here.

8 Cumberland Condo Article

8 Cumberland Condos Toronto

8 Cumberland Condos Toronto – New Downtown Condominiums

8 Cumberland Condos is a brand new project from Phantom Developments in the heart of Toronto’s Yorkville area. Located right at Yonge and Bloor, right by The University of Toronto, this project is luxury personified, with it’s unparalleled amenities and stunning design. From it’s exterior, 8 Cumberland Condos has a beautifully monolithic vision, with tall standing white accents and perfect glass facades. One can’t help but feel stunned by it’s impressive presence, as it stands tall at the downtown intersection of Toronto’s main arteries. 8 Cumberland Condos has 371 units and 51 stories, with unit sizes that go all the way up to 2000 sq. feet. The inside will feature beautifully designed units with surprisingly spacious rooms and streamlined living quarters. So often people feel cramped inside their little condo as if it were a shoebox, but 8 Cumberland Condos really let the rooms breath with spacious interiors and plenty of natural light. Those higher up in 8 Cumberland Condos will experience unbelievable vistas of the city and Yorkville from all directions. Those looking south in 8 Cumberland Condos will see the downtown core in it’s entirety, while those looking in other directions will be stunned at the amount of greens pace that the city has, with parks dotting the horizon. The new 8 Cumberland Condos will carry all the luxury amenities you’ve come to expect from Toronto’s new projects, with things like state of the art fitness rooms and the like.

8 cumberland,yorkville,Condos,preconstruction,registration,condo,vip,platinum,register,storey, tower,toronto,real,estate,new,development,amenity,condoandloft,

The downtown area that the new 8 Cumberland Condos resides in, Yorkville, is one of, if not the most sought after areas in the city. Yorkville is home to hundreds of gourmet restaurants and high end shopping with some of the most prestigious commercial options in Canada. Pop into Yorkville stores like Holt Renfrew for luxury clothing options and celebrity sightings. There are also so many activities to explore throughout the area of 8 Cumberland Condos, as it is home to the Royal Ontario Museum and other world renowned institutions like the Bata Shoe Museum. Along any given year, there are also countless festivals and one time events that happen in the area, as people from all over the city frequently travel in just to experience all that Yorkville has to offer. The area is also at the centre of Toronto’s transit system, with connections to both major downtown subway lines. 8 Cumberland Condos is right by Bloor station, Toronto’s busiest subway stop that connects the north/south and the east/west trains. For the residents of 8 Cumberland Condos, this means that any area of the city is within reach in a matter of minutes, as one could be at the downtown lakeshore in 20 minutes or less. 8 Cumberland Condos residents also have access to the GO Train, which is a train that connects all of the Toronto’s suburbs to Union station. New bike lanes are also being installed along Bloor street, making downtown cyclists a very happy camp. Evidently, 8 Cumberland Condos are truly at the epicentre of it all, everything is within reach as evidenced by its perfect 100/100 walking score. There are movie theatres, restaurants, shops, a university, grocery stores, gyms, and anything else a person could ever need or want. 8 Cumberland Condos is some serious luxury real estate, as you really aren’t going to find a better location in the entire country.

8 cumberland,yorkville,Condos,preconstruction,registration,condo,vip,platinum,register,storey, tower,toronto,real,estate,new,development,amenity,condoandloft,

For newcomers to the city, we can assure you that Toronto is truly one of the most remarkable cities in the world to be living in, let alone in Yorkville in 8 Cumberland Condos. Often referred to as the most multicultural city in the world, Toronto has a rich history of hundreds of different cultures coming together to create a global village. Each neighbourhood has a unique persona, with cultural makeup constantly shifting from one block to the next, with 8 Cumberland Condos being no different. There is so much to explore and experience because of this, with fabulous foods and cultural activities stemming from the city’s multiculturalism. 8 Cumberland Condos is right by a university that consistently tops lists, The University of Toronto. The University of Toronto is lauded for it’s research capabilities and student life, with a sprawling downtown campus that rivals any american university. The university is known for both undergrad and postgrad programs, so there are oodles of opportunities for those seeking higher education. The city of Toronto is also well connected to surrounding areas, cottage country, which is just a couple hours away, is some of the most sought after property in the world, with people coming from all over to experience our unique boreal forests and pristine fresh water lakes. If you aren’t the cottage going type, the Toronto island is just a short car or boat ride away, with it’s great trails and amusement parks.

8 cumberland,yorkville,Condos,preconstruction,registration,condo,vip,platinum,register,storey, tower,toronto,real,estate,new,development,amenity,condoandloft,

The new 8 Cumberland Condos is a pre development condo, meaning that it is yet be built. This means that current buyers are the first adopters of 8 Cumberland Condos, giving them pricing benefits over those that buy post development. Some people have reservations about purchasing a pre development condo, with concerns that the project may fall through. The reality is that almost every project we feature goes through development without a hitch. There is little to worry about when it comes to the longevity of the project. Here at we want to make sure you know the reality of every variable in the condo buying market, whether it be 8 Cumberland Condos or another building. We can offer you expert advice from longstanding industry professionals that know the inside and outs of the market. We like to focus on the advice end of real estate for our clients, rather than pressuring them to buy one condo or another. In today’s increasingly complex real estate market, the most important tool you can arm yourself with is knowledge, and we can give you that. The new 8 Cumberland Condos may be the right place for you, it may not be, but we want to help you reach your end goal of luxury condo nirvana. We only feature condos that we believe to reputable projects with reputable builders. We would never list something that we didn’t think offered a truly remarkable living experience. The plus side about buying a pre development condo is that is often a great investment since you’re getting that early bird price cut, real estate is a slow and steady riser, so for a safe long term bet, you can’t go much better than a luxury place like 8 Cumberland Condos.

It’s a big decision to buy a condo, and we wholeheartedly understand that. With the downtown area of Yorkville, it’s element of luxury, and the nearby university, we can offer 8 Cumberland Condos as a solution to your condo search. From the low $400,000s, it’s a great price for a great building. Take a gander at 8 Cumberland Condos’ website for detailed information about what it has to offer, or better yet find us at our website to contact us to get that expert advice you’ve been looking for. Live in luxury.

For VIP Tour access and exclusive project information and detailed floor plans, sign up here.

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5 Techniques to Quickly Recover From A Bad Investment

real estate

5 Techniques to Quickly Recover From A Bad Investment

1. Avoid Sunk Cost Bias


A common tendency among those who have committed on shaky investments is to double down to recover and achieve your initial ROI goal. This is obviously a faulty and illogical methodology that only makes matters worse. The right thing to do is to immediately cut your losses and correct your portfolio instead of hedging on low possibility upside. In short, get your head out of the sand and face your losses!

2. Budget


Bad investments will hurt your overall worth, there is no way around it. Depending on the importance of the investment, sometimes it is worthwhile to downscale your lifestyle in order to accommodate lost funds. Create a new weekly budget that works within the confines of your shortened funds and cut otherwise unnecessary expenses that can no longer be sustained. Although this may hurt to accomplish, it is an entirely necessary step in the process of recovering from a bad investment.

3. Analyze Your Loss Objectively


Losing a considerable amount of money on a certain investment can be an emotional experience for anyone. It’s hard to not blame others or feel like you were shortchanged by the system. In reality, these feelings may have an element of truth to them, but at the end of the day all you can control is your own actions. Objectively go through the steps that led you to your bad investment, was it the poor advice of a friend? Or a tip you got on the internet? These things can lead you to conclude what you should or shouldn’t do next time you decide to make a similar investment. Look at the facts of the situation and don’t look for scapegoats or become disillusioned with your self. You can and will recover from this situation, you just have to learn from your mistakes.

4. Start Saving


In similar vein to tip two, put as much money aside for reinvesting as possible. Lower your bills as much as possible and allocate any leftover funds to your savings. This ensures that you can reinvest as soon as possible and recuperate your previous losses. There is no get rich quick scheme that can help you out, you have to spend a bit of money to make a bit of money.

5. Find A Profitable Investment


This step, of course, is the kicker. The golden question. What investment will make me profit? The fact of the matter is that no one has a true answer. Investments are all about levying risk against future profit, and at we offer some of the lowest risk investments you can possibly get into. Real estate, especially pre-development condos, are very likely to appreciate at least a little, rarely will a condo purchased in it’s development phase decrease in value over time. If you know what you’re doing, condo real estate is a great way to invest. Our team of experts have been asked every question under the sun, and we know all the finest details of buying a condo and of the condo market at large. This expertise combined with the low risk nature of purchasing a condo creates a fantastic low risk investment that has been vetted by industry professionals.

3 Ways To Avoid Real Estate Market Traps in 2016

real estate

3 Ways To Avoid Real Estate Market Traps in 2016

1. Avoid Hype

giphy (1)

In the world of pre-development condos, lots of firms will try to sell to customers using large flashy ads with over-promising artist renders. Keep in mind that is just what they are, an artist’s interpretation of what it will look like. Many are depicted with lush surroundings of trees and green space or dense commercial space below it, when that could simply not be the case. Look at floor plans and past developer projects for a better idea of what to expect with your new condo.

2. Do Research

A lot of what makes a condo great is the area it is in, so make sure to investigate that its distance to things like local businesses, transit, and the like are suitable to your preferences. Additionally, things like “walk score” are algorithms that quantify aspects of livability in the neighbourhood. It’s important to look beyond the information provided on the developer website and investigate tertiary sources. Our website also has a wealth of information that is constantly being updated to make sure that our building information is accurate and enlightening.

3. Consult A Trustworthy Market Expert


Asking advice from market experts is the easiest and most surefire way to ensure that you have accurate and worthwhile information when choosing a new condo. is just a gateway to the years of experience our experts have cultivated over their long histories of dealing with condos in Toronto. There are so many variables and questions that only experts know how to gauge and analyze. Many potential buyers around the city are confused by the current highs of the market and are concerned what the future holds for property value, these are reasonable concerns, but we are very well versed in market tendencies and want to make sure that you get the most bang for your buck, so we will only recommend projects that we believe are the best in the city and the best for you personally. There are still very safe ways to invest in property throughout all areas of the city.

The Top 5 Most Extraordinary Looking Condos Coming to Toronto

The Top 5 Most Extraordinary Looking Condos Coming to Toronto

The Top 5 Most Extraordinary Looking Condos Coming to Toronto

5. SQ at Alexander Park

SQ, SQ Condos, Queen, Toronto, Condo, Downtowns, lake, beach

SQ at Alexander Park looks like Salvador Dali’s Xbox, with protruding units giving the building a beautiful modern abstract feel. Like a game of Jenga gone horribly right, this layered development carved out of an alien rock face will catch even the most jaded Torontonian’s eye.

4. Estates on Bayview

Estates on Bayview, Luxury, townhomes, toronto, Bayview, Village, condos, buy, new

Not all condos have to be behemoth sized landmarks of the city, as the Estates on Bayview prove that good design can come in small packages. Complete with a rooftop pool and lounge area, these understated yet refined townhouses are sure to get compliments from family and friends

3. Distinction Condos

distinction, condos, toronto, new, luxury, buy, sell, condominium, real estate

Straight-edged building are so 1985. Distinction condos look like someone went a bit too crazy with the warp tool on Photoshop and the results are beautiful. Half bond villain, half Picasso, this new development sets the bar high for future Toronto developments.

2. One Bloor Condos

buy, new, condos, toronto, one, bloor, street, number one, no1, downtown

Bow down peasants, this monstrous beacon of urban exceptionalism stands tall over it’s subjects. With a design that almost camouflages with the sky, One Bloor is taking Toronto one step closer to the monolithic skylines of NYC or Hong Kong. Massive yet still built like it was a breeze of wind, we expect many more building to follow suit.

1. Arc Condominiums

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Sailing towards a new future, this unsubtly named project is a rare occurrence of perfectly executed conceptual design. Hop on board and enjoy beautiful green spaces and utopian living spaces with an easy going atmosphere. It’s hard to not notice this extremely unique building from foot or by car, with it’s boldly slanted design leading the way for other condos behind it.

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The Top Leslieville Golf Clubs Near 875 Queen St East

Leslieville Golf 875 Queen St E Condos Toronto

The Top Leslieville Golf Clubs Near 875 Queen St East

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It’s everyone’s dream to be a skip away from a beach and a golf course, to live and breath that breezy coastal New England life. 875 Queen St. E. condos captures that dream and bottles it inside Toronto’s urban core. Located in the newly popular neighbourhood of Leslieville, 875 Queen St. E. condos is a vision of a calmer, yet intensely connected urban lifestyle. There are few spots in Toronto where both the downtown core and a luscious beach can both be destinations on a Sunday afternoon bike ride. Just to the east is Woodbine beach, the largest of the four beaches in Toronto’s east end. People from all over the city travel far and wide to access it’s expansive size, popular boardwalk, and Martin Goodman trail. Also nearby are the coveted Flemingdon Park and Toronto Hunt golf clubs, two of Toronto’s flagship courses. The building itself will adopt the tastefully subtle architecture and facade of the region, with a unique hybrid of brick and class acting as eye candy for passersby. Inside, 875 Queen St. E. condos will have an open concept loft style aesthetic that caters to those who enjoy room and breathability in their living space, reflecting the calming presence of the surrounding beaches. Around 875 Queen St. E. condos is a culturally rich neighbourhood with a variety of popular restaurants and independent commercial vendors, proving that the perks of the central downtown life do no need to be sacrificed for rewarding landscapes.

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To the north is The Flemingdon Park Golf Club, a nine hole course in the heart of Toronto registered with The National Golf Course Owners Association. With reasonable prices and an immaculate course, Flemingdon Park has a been a staple for casual and advanced golfers alike for decades. The picturesque Don River winds through the course, offering an extra challenge to the average round as well as acting as a tranquil way to camouflage the fact that you’re still in the city. In addition to the superb golfing experience, Flemingdon park also offers a clubhouse overlooking the first tee where you can relax and grab a snack after hitting the course.

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Flemington Park Golf Club

To the east is the prestigious Toronto Hunt, a members only Leslieville golf club that prides itself in having no start times and a devoted and friendly clientele. Just east of Woodbine Beach, this expansive 9 hole course with an 18 hole option features some of the best golfing Canada has to offer. The Toronto Hunt also features very impressive dining and lounge amenities with many renewing memberships just for those very reasons. Extremely sought after for weddings and other events, the club has extensive hosting facilities for any size of occasion, all with the backdrop of a beautiful section of Lake Ontario and the club green. The Toronto Hunt is a remarkable pathway to escapism, curiously close to the city centre yet remarkably secluded from the treachery of Toronto.

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9th green, The Toronto Hunt

875 Queen St E. is a slice of contemporary Acadia in Leslieville with all the perks of living downtown. Easily accessible by street car and surrounded by fantastic commercial spaces, 875 Queen St. E. is an elite development that stands out from the rest in the occasionally oversaturated condominium market. In addition to being padded by two of Toronto’s premier golf courses, 875 Queen St. E. is also nearby Jimmie Simpson park, complete with multi-sport indoor and outdoor recreation facilities, just to add another bullet point to the list of nearby amenities. Live a simpler life without giving up any of the city’s complexities, live at 875 Queen St. E.

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The Kennedys Condos Scarborough

The Kennedys Condos Toronto

The Kennedys Condos Scarborough – Top GTA Condos

The Kennedys Condos are a brand new development located right by Scarborough’s popular Town Centre in the Kennedy, Shepherd, and 401 area. The Kennedys Condos are everything you could ever want in a condo, with their forward thinking design and luxurious amenities, this is truly an elite condo in Toronto’s development marketplace. Placed right by the 401, the Kennedys Condos are in an up and coming area of one of the worlds most popular cities. This brand new development will feature three stunning residential towers designed by the legendary Page + Steele architects. The Kennedys Condos will feature over 400 square metres of commercial space, a remarkable example of how developer SAMM wants to symbiotically connect the residential and commercial aspects of living. Too often are condos cut off from businesses due to poor urban planning, but not so with The Kennedys Condos.

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The Kennedys Condos is a very short walk away from both GO and TTC transit options, connecting it’s denizens to the vibrant centre of Toronto and the surrounding GTA. In addition to these public transit options, The Kennedys Condos has direct access to Toronto’s main artery, the 401, making travel quick, easy, and instantaneous. The Kennedys Condos will also feature a mid size hotel and several office building, forming it’s own little chunk of urban life in Scarborough just below Shepherd. There is also a planned Shepherd light rail transit system that would be an extremely convenient and uplifting way to travel throughout the city right from The Kneads Condos. The Shepherd area is rife with developmental plans from the city to make it one of the most well connected areas of Toronto, and The Kennedys Condos is right in the centre. For those who like to walk, The Kennedys Condos has a very good “walk score” that is 64 out of 100 and 70 out of 100 transit score. In addition to this, there are several nearby revitalized green spaces in McDairmid Woods Park, West Birkdale Park and Snowhill Park, all right by Kennedy, Shepherd, and the 401.

People often ask what sort of lifestyles a certain condo caters to. Some condos are great for families, some are great for young professionals, but SAMM developments has found this very happy medium and retroactively fitting design philosophy that allows just about anyone to find their lifestyle niche and be happy, comfortable, and successful in The Kennedys Condos. The Kennedys Condos elite amenities will make anyone ecstatic to have access to state of the art fitness facilities or impressive part room. The Kennedys Condos wants to be more than just your house, it wants to be your home. That’s why SAMM has made sure that any and all luxuries have been included to ensure maximum comfort. With the massive commercial space below, it really feels like living in a contained little community, where the neighbourhood grocer or tailor is just a stroll away, all in the area of Kennedy, Shepherd, and the 401.

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All this interior talk wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the stunning exteriors that overlooks the Shepherd area and the 401. As one can see from the artist renderings, there is a breezy cyclical nature to the design of The Kennedys Condos, highlighted by shimmering windows and regal white accents. It’s California living a few thousand miles away, right at The Kennedys Condos. Right at Kennedy, Shepherd, and the 401.

Located in Toronto, The Kennedys Condos find themselves in one of the most vibrant and electric cities in the world. Toronto is often referred to as one of the most multicultural cities in the world, if not the most. Scarborough is home to a wide array of different cultures that make a rich of tapestry all along Sherborne and the 401. In Toronto there are world class restaurants, amazing landmarks, and enough fun to last a lifetime. Destinations like the Toronto Island, a place to swim, relax, run, paint, is just one of the many unique locations that you can take the whole family to. One could spend hours getting lost in the endless amount of exciting neighbourhoods that inhabit all areas of the city, or even just around Kennedy, Shepherd, and the 401. Get lost in cultural cuisine and fashion, skipping from block as if you were crossing country borders. Toronto also has world class athletic entertainment, with an NBA, NHL, MLB, and CFL team. Get lost in the fandom that has put Toronto on the map of some of the best sports cities in the world, and do it all from Kennedy, Shepherd, and the 401.

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Here at we want to act as your liaison between the elite developers of the city. We are a team of qualified professionals with years of combined experience in Toronto’s booming condo market. Our goal is to provide you with sound expert advice to ensure that you make the best possible decision concerning your future. There are a lot of tough decisions that need to be made when choosing a condo, and we want to make sure that you get all answers and are given all possible routes to success. We understand that everyone’s needs are different, so we tailor our service to each client specifically. We also only feature what we know are elite pre-development condos in Toronto and the Scarborough area, and the Kennedys Condos is one of the elite opportunities. We will never feature sub par or risky condo investment opportunities because we believe in the integrity of our business. We have experts in a wide array of real estate related fields that work with each other to make sure that no stone goes unturned. In an increasingly complex real estate market, it is important to have professional help to aid you in your search. We believe that The Kennedys Condos at Shepherd is a perfect example of what takes a condo from average to exceptional. The Kennedys Condos has all the facets of what makes a unique and successful living experience.

Not only are The Kennedys Condos a great place to live, but they are also a great investment. Pre development condos are some of the best bang for your buck you can get in the real estate world, with prices often far below what they are worth in the future. Nestled in the Kennedy/Shepherd/401 area, The Kennedys Condos are a safe investment for home owners and real estate investors alike.

We are all familiar with the names Kennedy, Shepherd, and 401, but few are acquainted with the neighbourhood. For the past few decades thousands have flocked to this newly bustling area with great schools and commercial options. The Toronto District School Board is one of Canada’s best school systems, consistently praised by students and parents alike. Thus, families will feel comfortable choosing The Kennedys Condos and the town of Scarborough as their home for the foreseeable future. In between work and school, one could grab some famous bubble tea at the Scarborough Town Centre, or head out on the 401 to go to Toronto’s famous Science Centre or Royal Ontario Museum.

In the heart of Scarborough, The Kennedys Condos are truly a once in a lifetime opportunity and wants to make the dream a reality. We want eliminate any anxieties you may have around buying a condo and want to make sure your dollar gets the mileage it deserves. We are logical and scientifically precise when it comes to analyzing the market and will only offer the most sound advice possible, and our advice right now is to consider the stellar Kennedys Condos in Scarborough.

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159 SW Condos Toronto – The New Downtown Experience

159 SW Condos Toronto

159 SW Condos is your gateway to a remarkable downtown Toronto experience. Located at the vibrant intersection of Sherborne and Wellesley, 159 SW Condos is comfortable, yet electric, living experience that caters to any and all lifestyles. 159 SW Condos is a project spearheaded by leading Toronto development firm Alterra, a company with a long history of successful and award winning projects. Alterra has a unique design philosophy that focuses on rich community based design by wholly integrating their projects into the surrounding urban landscape. This means harmonizing the residents of 159SW with the commercial and the communal, creating a symbiotic relationship to ensure a comfortable and exciting lifestyle. Just west of Yonge St., the 159 SW Condo area is complemented by restaurants, relaxing green spaces, and a world class night life. Take a stroll to the nearby park or famous Phoenix concert hall, taking in the unique culture that Toronto has to to offer.

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Inside the new 159 SW Condos, Alterra has hired an award winning Toronto based design firm to build a new streamlined living experience for the ground up. 159 SW Condos features immaculately designed interiors that open up your living space in an elegant and spacious way, rooms are airy and light, with streams of sunlight running though. 159 SW Condo’s community spaces are a unique feature, with several areas promoting communal living like the lovely terrace available to all residents. 159 SW Condos are a testament to the successes of open concept living in the new resident paradigm, with Alterra already proving that success in their 40 years of private residence development.

159 SW Condos find themselves in one of the most lauded cities in the world. Toronto is consistently talked about as one of the best places to live on this planet, fostering an atmosphere of acceptance, excitement, and sustainability. For years, people have flocked to Toronto to experience our rich tapestry of culture. Any interest can be satiated with our enclaves of neighbourhoods that cater to different cultures form around the world, with 159 SW condos right in the middle of it all. Toronto’s downtown is increasingly more difficult to find real estate in, with what limited space there is constantly being swiped up, but 159 SW Condos is a solution to that problem, proving to be a logical option for those that want to truly experience all that Toronto has to offer.

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Although many associate Toronto’s downtown with the fast paced career driven youngster, the downtown 159 SW Condos can fit any sort of lifestyle thrown at it. Those looking for a more tranquil atmosphere will appreciate the plethora of green space in and around 159 SW Condos. Families will be enamoured with Toronto’s work renowned Toronto District School Board, one of the best public school boards in the country, with a host of fantastic school throughout the city. 159 SW Condos is not just about putting a roof over your head but also about delivering a heightened living experience by combining it’s private amenities with Toronto’s public amenities. 159 SW Condos’ private amenities include a state of the art workout room, a spacious part room, a kitchen full available for catered events, and a breath taking outdoor terrace perfect for a relaxing read or a gathering of your close family and friends.

Even with all these positives, buying a condo can be a daunting undertaking for anyone. There are so many variables to consider, numbers to crunch, and decisions to make. At, we aim to make the process of buying a condo as simple and easy as possible. We have a team of qualified experts to guide you through every step of the process, from browsing all your options to signing the final deal. All of our featured condominiums (including 159 SW Condos) have been vetted to ensure only the highest tier new developments in Toronto are available to our customers. The new downtown 159 SW Condos is a fantastic example of what we consider to be an elite building and elite opportunity for new home buyers and seasoned veterans alike. We act as a trustworthy intermediary between you and the developer, scrutinizing every line on every paper to ensure that your dollar gets the mileage it deserves at 159SW. We have a history of satisfied customers that point to our professionalism and work ethic as reasons to return to, we believe 159SW will continue this tradition. We want to be more than your gateway to the Toronto condo market, we want to be your source of unbiased and sound advice on what is best for you and your dollar. We have a long list of established connections in the real estate industry that aid us in our quest to find you the perfect condominium. Although many believe that the real estate market is a tumultuous and unsure affair right now, we believe that there are safe and satisfying ways to invest right this second, including 159SW. From a location perspective, 159 SW Condos is an extremely safe buy, considering that centrally placed buildings are very likely to increase in value.

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159 SW Condos are a complete re-imagination of a traditional urban development. It is more than just an elevator between your house and the lobby, but rather a completely curated living experience built from the past and made for the future. The downtown 159 SW Condos are directly beside Wellesley station for easy access to the transit system, making like with or without a car completely liveable. There is also the nearby U of T campus, a place perfect for a tranquil walk or sight seeing with friends, as well as the nearby are of Yorkville, a trendy spot for ultra which fashion and fine dining. Just east is Toronto’s newly developed Brickworks sector, nestled in a massive green space and home to several lively farmer’s markets and event spaces right by 159SW. wants to be more than just your sales pitch, we want to be your consultants and advice givers. We want to weigh every option and turn over every stone in this increasingly complex and varied condo market place. With so many options and so many suitors, we believe our expertise is a necessary addition to the look for a living, and our expertise points towards 159 SW Condos. At it’s heart, 159 SW Condos can be described as electrically tranquil, balancing the yin and yang of Toronto’s varied cultural lifescape. From the chill of the snow in the winter to hot rays of the sun, 159 SW Condos is an all weather all life multi purpose building that has an end of getting you the success and happiness that you desire.

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It can be hard to imagine what life will be like in a brand new downtown setting, but we can say that life will be better here. There are so many things to like and so few things to worry about that 159SW is a hassle free logical option that should be in the hands of any future condo buyer or real estate investor. Don’t hesitate to visit our website or give us a ring about 159SW.

Be electric. Be Wellesley. Be Downtown. Be 159SW.

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