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159SW Condos Toronto 159 SW Condos Toronto - Buy New Condos 159 SW condos are part of a brand new development opportunity at Toronto’s fashionable Sherborne and Wellington intersection. Located just east of Toronto’s main artery (Yonge St.), 159 SW condos find themselves in a perfect location for all sorts of lifestyles. Inside 159 SW condos, the units and amenities have been designed from the ground up by a leading Toronto design firm to ensure that the interior is fresh, useful, and unique. Amenities include a spacious party room, state of the art workout centre, and breathtaking outdoor terrace. 159 SW condos cater to those who expect more from there condos and are looking for that premium step up from your basic Toronto condo. Alterra’s design philosophy is all about creating an open, engaging, and friendly community setting, which is clear in their plan for 159 SW condos. In Alterra’s eyes, life is much like an open concept kitchen. The more room you have to breath and see whats around you, the greater satisfaction and utility you can get out of it. As you can see from the artist renderings, 159 SW+ carries a certain panache that a lot of ...Read More

Tired of The Same Old Condos? Your Future Awaits

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159SW Condos Toronto Tired of The Same Old Condos? Your Future Awaits What makes a condo stand out from the army of others? They tower above the city with reflective glass exteriors, standing shoulder to shoulder in Toronto’s dense core. What condo do you shake hands with, get to know, and ultimately make a life changing deal with? It can be hard to know, and even harder to parse through what is real and what is just another uninspired sales pitch. Alterra is making 159SW+ an easy answer to these complex questions. Located at the very central Sherbourne and Wellesley, 159SW+ will be a living, breathing manifestation of sound urban design philosophy and inclusive community planning. This project isn’t just about building a tower, but building a tower with roots. Alterra believes that building a cookie cutter condo is simply not enough, for it must have a unique symbiotic relationship with it’s community to create a deep, diverse, and lasting life experience for it’s residents. Meticulous design principals entail that life and leisure must be an intuitive process for all, with design firm U31 drawing up artful yet scientifically precise interiors. Each of 159SW+’s 286 units is a space that ...Read More

The Kennedys: An Expertly Curated Living Space

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The Kennedys Condos Toronto The Kennedys: An Expertly Curated Living Space If there is anything history has proven, it’s that the Kennedy's have style. SAMM Developments have placed their structural pearl at the lip of 401 and Kennedy, a stones throw away from both GO and TTC stations as well as the popular Scarborough Town Centre. Starting from the low $200,000s, this new community sits in it’s own tranquil pocket of Toronto’s cityscape with it’s lush central green space and curvaceous interior architecture. Life in the Kennedys is a unique and personal experience, with less units than there are seats in a passenger plane. You live openly, with a kitchen that flows into a large living room that overlooks a nearby park or the city of Toronto. You live comfortably, with an array of top tier amenities that include stunning terraces, lively party rooms, and state of the art fitness centres. But most importantly you live well, knowing that you have all you need to achieve success in this wonderful city. To put the cherry on top of the proverbial sundae, this structure is the first of three to-be developments in the area, with the first commonly appreciating with the ...Read More

“Oliverisms” – Episode 1 – “It’s not how much”


"Oliverisms" - Episode 1 - "It's not how much you make, it's how much you save" The advice we give is what we experienced ourselves. A good Entrepreneur knows how to save. The more you save, the more you can invest. Start with lets say 500 a month. I myself have started with a small budget. Then eventually was able to turn that $500 monthly to a total amount of $35.000. We leveraged this for down payment and now I'm well over a million with my portfolio. You might say my salary is too low? Taking 2-4 jobs at the time made a difference in growth, just depends on your scenario and how well time-managed and financially you can manage. Humble at the beginning of your life with spending's and the right investments will give you the option to later on spend more at hand with less worries. You can always contact me our us, i'd love to help others. “written by: Oliver Heijmans, Investive Inc.”  

Oliverisms – Intro


      "Oliverisms" - Video series about Business Ideas and Peculiarities by Oliver. Every 2-3 days for the next months I hereby try and inspire and give new ideas for your (future) business and things noticed that are just peculiar. The Book will be available on WATTPAD.  

17 gorgeous tree houses

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You don’t have to be a child to appreciate the wooded beauty of these forested homes. (full credit: BuzzBuzzHome , written by: Michael Aynsley) Photo: imgur The builders forgot the rope ladder, but otherwise it’s a flawless design. Photos: imgur, homedsgn A 92-square-foot tree house with a 100-square-foot terrace in the backyard of a house in Münster, Germany. More info here. Photo: imgur The Teahouse Tetsu in Yamanashi, Japan was designed by architect Terunobu Fujimori. Photo: imgur At three stories, Revelstoke’s Enchanted Forest tree house is the tallest of its kind in British Columbia. Photo: imgur Bonus points for the spiral staircase and rooftop patio. Photo: imgur A loft-style cabin on stilts. Photos: Pacific Environments Architects This restaurant tree house is situated 33 feet up a redwood tree in a forest north of Auckland, New Zealand. It was built as part of a marketing stunt for Yellow Pages. “The advertising campaign set out to surprise people and help them see Yellow in a different light,” the designers explainon their website. Photos: TreeHouse Point Designed and built by Pete Nelson, the above is one of 11 unique tree houses that make up TreeHouse Point, a vacation getaway 22 miles outside Seattle. Photo: imgur This is not so much a tree house as it is a regular house built around a tree. A design concept we’ve seen and ...Read More

10 secret things you might not know existed in Toronto


10 secret things you might not know existed in Toronto Posted by Derek Flack / SEPTEMBER 16, 2014 (FULL CREDIT:  BLOGTO) There are few truly secret places in a city the size of Toronto, but we nevertheless remain fascinated by that which is under the radar, under appreciated or just out of plain sight. Such is the case with this list. Toronotophiles might not find many surprises here, but those whose interest in the city's history and streetscape is more passive, will likely discover a host of intriguing new things to explore. Even as we have published similar lists in the past, the city is continually revealing itself, and it remains impossible to exhaust its various hidden pleasures in but a few posts. Here are 10 "secret" things that you might not know existed in Toronto. See also: 10 quirky things you might not know about Toronto North Etobicoke is home to a stunning Hindu temple Quite possibly one of the most stunning buildings in Toronto, the BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir Toronto is constructed out of an unthinkable amount of Italian carrara marble (apparently some 24,000 pieces) and stands as a gleaming white beacon when lit up at night. The temple was constructed ...Read More

Vogue Names Queen West


Vogue names West Queen West world's second coolest neighbourhood Posted by Natalia Manzocco / September 9, 2014 (Full Credit: BLOGTO) If you're one of those Debbie Downers who likes to complain that Toronto has no style, you might want to change your tune, because Vogue likes us just fine. Yep, that Vogue. In astory published on the magazine's site earlier this week dedicated to mapping out the world's 15 coolest street style neighbourhoods, West Queen West took the number two spot, behind Tokyo's Shimokitazawa district, beating out neighbourhoods in Paris and Milan. Somehow, we even trounced Silver Lake and Bushwick. According to the piece, our city is "currently enjoying newfound prominence - and desirability - amongst globe-trotting tastemakers" (the best kind of tastemakers, IMO). West Queen West, meanwhile, is singled out as a "verifiable artery of indie patisseries, homegrown labels, and hidden-from-view galleries." If you're really trying to keep your finger on the pulse, areas like Dundas West, Ossington and the Junction are seeing far-faster growth in many of those categories - but it's undeniably neat to see the international arbiter of style cred give a nod to what may be Toronto's best-established hub for fashion and art. (If there's one stereotype about our city that may hold some water, it's that we love ourselves some ...Read More

Toronto condo boom!


Toronto's Condo Boom Reshapes The City Very, Very Quickly The Huffington Post Canada If you follow real estate at all it's probably no surprise to hear that Toronto has gone condo crazy in recent years, clocking in as the city with the most high-rise construction in North America for several years running. Yup, that's right, more condo development than New York, whose metro area is like four Greater Torontos put together. There are those who say it's too much and it's all going to end badly, and those who say it's fine, the market can handle it. But one thing is for sure: Many of Toronto's streetscapes have changed dramatically in just the past few years. Those who drive the Gardiner Expressway through the towers on the waterfront can see changes to the skyline on a nearly daily basis. Real estate services company Point2 Homes Canada used Google Street View to put together these before-and-after pictures of downtown Toronto locations that have been pretty much entirely transformed by the development boom, and have kindly shared them with HuffPost. The before pics were taken in 2007; the after pics were taken in 2013. Check out the pics: Developments on York Street Developments on Harbour Street ...Read More

Toronto’s “Manhattanization”


ELIZABETH CHURCH - CITY HALL BUREAU CHIEF THE GLOBE AND MAIL A looks out at Toronto in July. The city just gave the green light to a massive amount of urban development. (Mark Blinch for The Globe and Mail) Toronto is experiencing a ‘Manhattanization’ of its downtown core: Construction cranes will continue to dot Toronto’s skyline, with city council approving 755 storeys in new development this week, including three new office towers – a trend that underlines the increasing density in the downtown core and the need to plan transit and infrastructure to support it, says the city’s chief planner. Toronto city council is meeting for the last time before the fall election – a fact that had developers rushing to get approvals before the months-long break. The result is that this week’s marathon meeting has given the green light to 6,887 new units and 377,900 square metres of non-residential development, according to figures from Toronto’s planning department. Three office developments on Front and King streets that will add a total of 114 storeys of commercial space were approved, as were five mixed-use buildings and several condo towers. Before the last vote on a development project was taken Wednesday afternoon, Councillor ...Read More

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