Sonic Condos Toronto

sonic condos toronto

Sonic Condos Toronto Sonic Condos Toronto - New Don Mills Condominiums Right at Eglinton and Don Mills, Lindvest developers are putting together a spectacular project. Directly by public transit, the new Toronto Sonic Condos will prove to be an elite building across Toronto’s competitive condo landscape. Sonic Condos is a 28 story project that will feature 320 suites designed by renowned architectural firm Page + Steele IBI group with the interior by Union31. In addition to it’s exquisite design, Sonic Condos will also feature a plethora of luxurious amenities including yoga and fitness facilities, steam rooms, hobby rooms, music rooms, party rooms, a concierge, pet spa and a guest suite. Outdoor amenities in Sonic Condos include dining areas, cabanas and barbecues for summer entertaining. Lindvest want to make sure that all the bases were covered for their residents by exploring all possible laneways to ensure comfort and high quality of life in Sonic Condos. In today’s increasingly saturated condo market, many developers are being forced to offer amenities that are only available in extremely expensive residencies, but Sonic Condos offers this tradition of luxury in an affordable package at a great price in Toronto. Starting at $210,900, Sonic Condos is ...Read More

Distinction Condos Toronto

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Distinction Condos Toronto Distinction Condos Toronto - New Yonge Street Condominiums In the Yonge-Eglinton area, Distinction Condos are bringing an entirely new brand of condo to one of Toronto’s most popular areas. Distinction Condos is the brand new project from the renowned LASH developments. Distinction Condos will feature all the luxurious amenities you’ve come to expect from the increasingly Condo market, where developers are pulling out all the stops. At Yonge and Eglinton, LASH developments are no different, with a complete set of amenities that include a library, digital hub, bars, lounges, fitness room, yoga and dance studio, outdoor terrace, presentation kitchen and bar, lounge area, and dining room. Not to mention the fabulous roof top plans that include indoor and outdoor kitchens, lounges, sundecks, and a meditation area. Distinction Condos are an exercise in a complete vision of the modern condo. Residents will be treated to a stunning exterior design that will stand out in Toronto’s skyline. Designed by Giannone Petricone Associates Inc. Architects, the new Distinction Condos is not your run of the mill Toronto condo, but a unique structure that anyone can use as a talking point. The building twists and turns as it acts as a ...Read More

8 Cumberland Condo Article

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8 Cumberland Condos Toronto 8 Cumberland Condos Toronto - New Downtown Condominiums 8 Cumberland Condos is a brand new project from Phantom Developments in the heart of Toronto’s Yorkville area. Located right at Yonge and Bloor, right by The University of Toronto, this project is luxury personified, with it’s unparalleled amenities and stunning design. From it’s exterior, 8 Cumberland Condos has a beautifully monolithic vision, with tall standing white accents and perfect glass facades. One can’t help but feel stunned by it’s impressive presence, as it stands tall at the downtown intersection of Toronto’s main arteries. 8 Cumberland Condos has 371 units and 51 stories, with unit sizes that go all the way up to 2000 sq. feet. The inside will feature beautifully designed units with surprisingly spacious rooms and streamlined living quarters. So often people feel cramped inside their little condo as if it were a shoebox, but 8 Cumberland Condos really let the rooms breath with spacious interiors and plenty of natural light. Those higher up in 8 Cumberland Condos will experience unbelievable vistas of the city and Yorkville from all directions. Those looking south in 8 Cumberland Condos will see the downtown core in it’s entirety, while ...Read More

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5 Techniques to Quickly Recover From A Bad Investment

real estate 5 Techniques to Quickly Recover From A Bad Investment 1. Avoid Sunk Cost Bias A common tendency among those who have committed on shaky investments is to double down to recover and achieve your initial ROI goal. This is obviously a faulty and illogical methodology that only makes matters worse. The right thing to do is to immediately cut your losses and correct your portfolio instead of hedging on low possibility upside. In short, get your head out of the sand and face your losses! 2. Budget Bad investments will hurt your overall worth, there is no way around it. Depending on the importance of the investment, sometimes it is worthwhile to downscale your lifestyle in order to accommodate lost funds. Create a new weekly budget that works within the confines of your shortened funds and cut otherwise unnecessary expenses that can no longer be sustained. Although this may hurt to accomplish, it is an entirely necessary step in the process of recovering from a bad investment. 3. Analyze Your Loss Objectively Losing a considerable amount of money on a certain investment can be an emotional experience for anyone. It’s hard to not blame others or feel like ...Read More

3 Ways To Avoid Real Estate Market Traps in 2016

real estate 3 Ways To Avoid Real Estate Market Traps in 2016 1. Avoid Hype In the world of pre-development condos, lots of firms will try to sell to customers using large flashy ads with over-promising artist renders. Keep in mind that is just what they are, an artist’s interpretation of what it will look like. Many are depicted with lush surroundings of trees and green space or dense commercial space below it, when that could simply not be the case. Look at floor plans and past developer projects for a better idea of what to expect with your new condo. 2. Do Research A lot of what makes a condo great is the area it is in, so make sure to investigate that its distance to things like local businesses, transit, and the like are suitable to your preferences. Additionally, things like “walk score” are algorithms that quantify aspects of livability in the neighbourhood. It’s important to look beyond the information provided on the developer website and investigate tertiary sources. Our website also has a wealth of information that is constantly being updated to make sure that our building information is accurate and enlightening. 3. Consult A Trustworthy Market Expert ...Read More

The Top 5 Most Extraordinary Looking Condos Coming to Toronto

The Top 5 Most Extraordinary Looking Condos Coming to Toronto The Top 5 Most Extraordinary Looking Condos Coming to Toronto 5. SQ at Alexander Park SQ at Alexander Park looks like Salvador Dali’s Xbox, with protruding units giving the building a beautiful modern abstract feel. Like a game of Jenga gone horribly right, this layered development carved out of an alien rock face will catch even the most jaded Torontonian’s eye. 4. Estates on Bayview Not all condos have to be behemoth sized landmarks of the city, as the Estates on Bayview prove that good design can come in small packages. Complete with a rooftop pool and lounge area, these understated yet refined townhouses are sure to get compliments from family and friends 3. Distinction Condos Straight-edged building are so 1985. Distinction condos look like someone went a bit too crazy with the warp tool on Photoshop and the results are beautiful. Half bond villain, half Picasso, this new development sets the bar high for future Toronto developments. 2. One Bloor Condos Bow down peasants, this monstrous beacon of urban exceptionalism stands tall over it’s subjects. With a design that almost camouflages with the sky, One Bloor is taking Toronto ...Read More

The Top Leslieville Golf Clubs Near 875 Queen St East

Leslieville Golf 875 Queen St E Condos Toronto The Top Leslieville Golf Clubs Near 875 Queen St East It’s everyone’s dream to be a skip away from a beach and a golf course, to live and breath that breezy coastal New England life. 875 Queen St. E. condos captures that dream and bottles it inside Toronto’s urban core. Located in the newly popular neighbourhood of Leslieville, 875 Queen St. E. condos is a vision of a calmer, yet intensely connected urban lifestyle. There are few spots in Toronto where both the downtown core and a luscious beach can both be destinations on a Sunday afternoon bike ride. Just to the east is Woodbine beach, the largest of the four beaches in Toronto’s east end. People from all over the city travel far and wide to access it’s expansive size, popular boardwalk, and Martin Goodman trail. Also nearby are the coveted Flemingdon Park and Toronto Hunt golf clubs, two of Toronto’s flagship courses. The building itself will adopt the tastefully subtle architecture and facade of the region, with a unique hybrid of brick and class acting as eye candy for passersby. Inside, 875 Queen St. E. condos will have an open ...Read More

The Kennedys Condos Scarborough

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The Kennedys Condos Toronto The Kennedys Condos Scarborough - Top GTA Condos The Kennedys Condos are a brand new development located right by Scarborough’s popular Town Centre in the Kennedy, Shepherd, and 401 area. The Kennedys Condos are everything you could ever want in a condo, with their forward thinking design and luxurious amenities, this is truly an elite condo in Toronto’s development marketplace. Placed right by the 401, the Kennedys Condos are in an up and coming area of one of the worlds most popular cities. This brand new development will feature three stunning residential towers designed by the legendary Page + Steele architects. The Kennedys Condos will feature over 400 square metres of commercial space, a remarkable example of how developer SAMM wants to symbiotically connect the residential and commercial aspects of living. Too often are condos cut off from businesses due to poor urban planning, but not so with The Kennedys Condos. The Kennedys Condos is a very short walk away from both GO and TTC transit options, connecting it’s denizens to the vibrant centre of Toronto and the surrounding GTA. In addition to these public transit options, The Kennedys Condos has direct access to Toronto’s main ...Read More

159 SW Condos Toronto – The New Downtown Experience

159 SW Condos Toronto 159 SW Condos is your gateway to a remarkable downtown Toronto experience. Located at the vibrant intersection of Sherborne and Wellesley, 159 SW Condos is comfortable, yet electric, living experience that caters to any and all lifestyles. 159 SW Condos is a project spearheaded by leading Toronto development firm Alterra, a company with a long history of successful and award winning projects. Alterra has a unique design philosophy that focuses on rich community based design by wholly integrating their projects into the surrounding urban landscape. This means harmonizing the residents of 159SW with the commercial and the communal, creating a symbiotic relationship to ensure a comfortable and exciting lifestyle. Just west of Yonge St., the 159 SW Condo area is complemented by restaurants, relaxing green spaces, and a world class night life. Take a stroll to the nearby park or famous Phoenix concert hall, taking in the unique culture that Toronto has to to offer. Inside the new 159 SW Condos, Alterra has hired an award winning Toronto based design firm to build a new streamlined living experience for the ground up. 159 SW Condos features immaculately designed interiors that open up your living space in ...Read More

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