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8 Cumberland Condos Toronto

8 Cumberland Condos Toronto – New Downtown Condominiums

8 Cumberland Condos is a brand new project from Phantom Developments in the heart of Toronto’s Yorkville area. Located right at Yonge and Bloor, right by The University of Toronto, this project is luxury personified, with it’s unparalleled amenities and stunning design. From it’s exterior, 8 Cumberland Condos has a beautifully monolithic vision, with tall standing white accents and perfect glass facades. One can’t help but feel stunned by it’s impressive presence, as it stands tall at the downtown intersection of Toronto’s main arteries. 8 Cumberland Condos has 371 units and 51 stories, with unit sizes that go all the way up to 2000 sq. feet. The inside will feature beautifully designed units with surprisingly spacious rooms and streamlined living quarters. So often people feel cramped inside their little condo as if it were a shoebox, but 8 Cumberland Condos really let the rooms breath with spacious interiors and plenty of natural light. Those higher up in 8 Cumberland Condos will experience unbelievable vistas of the city and Yorkville from all directions. Those looking south in 8 Cumberland Condos will see the downtown core in it’s entirety, while those looking in other directions will be stunned at the amount of greens pace that the city has, with parks dotting the horizon. The new 8 Cumberland Condos will carry all the luxury amenities you’ve come to expect from Toronto’s new projects, with things like state of the art fitness rooms and the like.

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The downtown area that the new 8 Cumberland Condos resides in, Yorkville, is one of, if not the most sought after areas in the city. Yorkville is home to hundreds of gourmet restaurants and high end shopping with some of the most prestigious commercial options in Canada. Pop into Yorkville stores like Holt Renfrew for luxury clothing options and celebrity sightings. There are also so many activities to explore throughout the area of 8 Cumberland Condos, as it is home to the Royal Ontario Museum and other world renowned institutions like the Bata Shoe Museum. Along any given year, there are also countless festivals and one time events that happen in the area, as people from all over the city frequently travel in just to experience all that Yorkville has to offer. The area is also at the centre of Toronto’s transit system, with connections to both major downtown subway lines. 8 Cumberland Condos is right by Bloor station, Toronto’s busiest subway stop that connects the north/south and the east/west trains. For the residents of 8 Cumberland Condos, this means that any area of the city is within reach in a matter of minutes, as one could be at the downtown lakeshore in 20 minutes or less. 8 Cumberland Condos residents also have access to the GO Train, which is a train that connects all of the Toronto’s suburbs to Union station. New bike lanes are also being installed along Bloor street, making downtown cyclists a very happy camp. Evidently, 8 Cumberland Condos are truly at the epicentre of it all, everything is within reach as evidenced by its perfect 100/100 walking score. There are movie theatres, restaurants, shops, a university, grocery stores, gyms, and anything else a person could ever need or want. 8 Cumberland Condos is some serious luxury real estate, as you really aren’t going to find a better location in the entire country.

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For newcomers to the city, we can assure you that Toronto is truly one of the most remarkable cities in the world to be living in, let alone in Yorkville in 8 Cumberland Condos. Often referred to as the most multicultural city in the world, Toronto has a rich history of hundreds of different cultures coming together to create a global village. Each neighbourhood has a unique persona, with cultural makeup constantly shifting from one block to the next, with 8 Cumberland Condos being no different. There is so much to explore and experience because of this, with fabulous foods and cultural activities stemming from the city’s multiculturalism. 8 Cumberland Condos is right by a university that consistently tops lists, The University of Toronto. The University of Toronto is lauded for it’s research capabilities and student life, with a sprawling downtown campus that rivals any american university. The university is known for both undergrad and postgrad programs, so there are oodles of opportunities for those seeking higher education. The city of Toronto is also well connected to surrounding areas, cottage country, which is just a couple hours away, is some of the most sought after property in the world, with people coming from all over to experience our unique boreal forests and pristine fresh water lakes. If you aren’t the cottage going type, the Toronto island is just a short car or boat ride away, with it’s great trails and amusement parks.

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The new 8 Cumberland Condos is a pre development condo, meaning that it is yet be built. This means that current buyers are the first adopters of 8 Cumberland Condos, giving them pricing benefits over those that buy post development. Some people have reservations about purchasing a pre development condo, with concerns that the project may fall through. The reality is that almost every project we feature goes through development without a hitch. There is little to worry about when it comes to the longevity of the project. Here at condoandloft.ca we want to make sure you know the reality of every variable in the condo buying market, whether it be 8 Cumberland Condos or another building. We can offer you expert advice from longstanding industry professionals that know the inside and outs of the market. We like to focus on the advice end of real estate for our clients, rather than pressuring them to buy one condo or another. In today’s increasingly complex real estate market, the most important tool you can arm yourself with is knowledge, and we can give you that. The new 8 Cumberland Condos may be the right place for you, it may not be, but we want to help you reach your end goal of luxury condo nirvana. We only feature condos that we believe to reputable projects with reputable builders. We would never list something that we didn’t think offered a truly remarkable living experience. The plus side about buying a pre development condo is that is often a great investment since you’re getting that early bird price cut, real estate is a slow and steady riser, so for a safe long term bet, you can’t go much better than a luxury place like 8 Cumberland Condos.

It’s a big decision to buy a condo, and we wholeheartedly understand that. With the downtown area of Yorkville, it’s element of luxury, and the nearby university, we can offer 8 Cumberland Condos as a solution to your condo search. From the low $400,000s, it’s a great price for a great building. Take a gander at 8 Cumberland Condos’ website for detailed information about what it has to offer, or better yet find us at our website condosandloft.ca to contact us to get that expert advice you’ve been looking for. Live in luxury.

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